Fish Tank Plants – One of The Best Things

Everybody understands the reason why most plants can be seen in many fish tanks. Healthy fish tank plants and their lush are beautiful to look at when they are in a fish tank. They also create a natural setting in the fish tank.

Most of the fishes feel secure, less stressed and safe whenever they have plants to hide in. Some species of fish do not survive in a fish tank without any plants.

Fish tank plants will not only give the fishes a helpful shelter and make your fish tank look attractive but they can maintain the quality of the water as well. Plants and fish both exist on the wild and they will surely match well in your fish tank.

The wastes discharged by the fish contain compounds that are useful for the plant?s nutrition. Therefore, the organic wastes can be contained in the plants instead of seeing them float in the water. The plants must be pruned regularly and the dead parts must be eliminated from the fish tank ASAP.

Not only that, but the fish tank plants will also provide shelter to many microorganisms which are useful for the ecology and environment of the fish tank. Also, plants can inhibit the growth of ugly algae since algae and plants compete for similar nutrients.

Most species of fish will never reproduce in a fish tank without plants. This is because some species need plants for them to feel secure enough to reproduce, while other species need the leaves of the plants to place their eggs in. An abundantly planted fish tank will also enhance the survival growth of the fry especially if you want to increase the number of fry in a similar fish tank like with the adult fish.

However, we all know that plants rely too much upon to light and photosynthesis. A fish tank with no plants will only need little. But if you are planning to have an abundant number of plants in your fish tank, you will be required to put new lights. A fluorescent light will be better for your planted fish tank, make sure that they are made especially for fish tanks.

If you are a beginner, the plant species that will be suitable for you are the Java Moss and the Java Fern. These are strong plants that can survive in water hardiness and pH values. They can even be placed in a brackish fish tank like the Molly fish tank.

Fish tank plants are very important to the survival of most fishes in the fish tank. It does not matter what fish tank plant you choose, the important thing is you know how to maintain your fish tank as naturally as the fishes and plants habitat.

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