Fish Tank Plants – Artificial Vs Real

Nothing makes a fish tank look better than fish tank plants. The big question is should you use artificial or real fish tank plants. Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Real fish tank plants absorb fish wastes, making the tank easier to keep clean. They also add extra oxygen to the water as well as cutting down on algae. However fish are likely to either eat or uproot them. This, of course, gives you more work in maintaining your fish tank.

Remember you want to enjoy your tank not work on it. The most important consideration with live fish tank plants is the lighting. Most experts recommend fluorescent lighting A good rule is to multiply the capacity of your fish tank by 1.5 and thus getting the amount of artificial lighting needed giving your proper wattage.

For example, 10 gallon tank times 1.5 means you need a fifteen-watt system. Do not overlook the advantage of indirect lighting from the outside. It is best not to use an under gravel filter with live fish tank plants as these filters can affect plant growth.

Artificial fish tank plants, on the other hand, are handy when your fish would eat your real plants. The fish may still uproot the plants, but this can be helped by buying your artificial plants in mats. These mats look natural and give a very nice look for your fish tank.

There are two types of artificial fish tank plants, plastic, which have improved over the years or silk. In my mind, the best choice is silk they look more natural in the way they move in the water and many times you can not tell if the plants are real or not.

To avoid having to clean off your artificial plants I recommend getting a few algae-eating fish such as red-tailed black sharks. It is always good to cut down the work that you must do for your tanks, after all, you wants to enjoy your fish tanks not to constantly work on them.

Whichever type of plants you choose remember that you want to able to view the tank as a whole as well as seeing the fish. So be sure to put your taller plants at the back medium plants in the middle and your short plants in front.

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